by Marina Lohova

Honestly, it stank. It stank at 5am in the morning. It stank after the rain. No battery powered Elon fleet could ever put out the smell of exhaust on 101 N Fwy.

His phone made a loud noise.

— Sweetheart? Where are you?

— Driving around Hollywood

—Heading home soon, boo boo?

— Eventually

Ненавижу селфи. но все равно делаю их.

Кадр из фильма “Голова-ластик”

Начнем хоть бы с того как это выглядит со стороны. Я не могу изгнать из головы картину, на которой человек один в пустой комнате улыбается, позирует, поворачивается то так то этак, улыбается то лучезарно, то немного удивленно, как будто его застали врасплох, только в комнате никого нет и поводов улыбаться собственно нет, и все это немного страшно и даже странновато, как в фильме Дэвида Линча. Настораживает.

Я слишком точно все описала, чтобы не быть лично причастной к этому балагану, правда? Главное не забыть кэпшн “Чистила телефон и случайно нашла, я здесь такая дурочка лололол”. …

Что же происходит с таким загадочным существом как девушка Маша, когда она влюбляется? Вот Маша сидит с подружками в баре в скромном мини и полупрозрачной блузке на запАх, как внезапно между глотками Манхэттена и частыми поглаживаниями взглядом ухоженных метросексуалов у барной стойки самая догадливая из них останавливается на полуслове и восклицает: “Маруся!” А может и “Дашик!” Или “Ленка!” А может и “Настюш, а что это за улыбка такая?” И тогда в голове Машика бьют часы с кукушкой — и она сразу все понимает. Действительно, что за расфокусированный на насущном мире взгляд и неясная блуждающая по пространству между челкой и низом…

Dear friend,

I agree with the author that racism is pandemic, but I disagree that it’s because we say things. Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

I know that you are well-meaning with this, but unfortunately, I don’t believe it will help cure racism or offer any benefit to people of color. Mostly because the audience that you are appealing to is already your ally, yet the ones with the problem will never consider your story in the first place.

When people who are indeed on the same page with you do try to follow your advice, it only causes more issues. It leads to uncomfortable awkwardness where before there has been genuine curiosity. It leads to the lack of meaningful interactions where there has been…

Sorry, bro, but this is shitcode

My eyeballs destroyed by looking at your shit code

In the world of software development, never let your focus stray, friend, or you will be pummeled to the ground by this:

SELECT “creatives”.* FROM “creatives” INNER JOIN “creatives_statuses” ON “creatives_statuses”.”creative_id” = “creatives”.”id” INNER JOIN “creatives_status_types” ON “creatives_status_types”.”id” = “creatives_statuses”.”creatives_status_types_id” WHERE "creatives".user_id=17445 ORDER BY creatives_status_types.status = ‘Approved’ DESC,creatives_status_types.status = ‘Rejected’ DESC,creatives_status_types.status = ‘Scheduled’ DESC,creatives_status_types.status = ‘Blocked’ DESC,creatives_status_types.status = ‘Published’ DESC,creatives_status_types.status = ‘In Review’ DESC


Welcome to the latest installment of my #ShitcodeWednesday series, #ShitcodeWednesday ep. 4. Or shit SQL, to be precise. Because today we are going to take on such grandiose subject as database architecture and how to…

Are you still running the entire test suite every time you need to fix just one.single.test? If yes then we are coming to you. Maximize your efficiency with a much better way of handling the problem. Put npm test to bed with this:

mocha — grep MyAwesomeComponent

Given that somewhere in our vast body of tests we have:

describe(‘Component: MyAwesomeComponent’, function () {
it('wonderful, testing my amazing code', function () {


it('renders MyAwesomeComponent correctly', function () {
const wrapper = shallow(<MyAwesomeComponent className="my-awesome-component" { ...mockProps } />);

We are supplying the name (or part of…

Bigger, better, faster, stronger. The motto of Olympians and professional athletes. Ah if only we were superheroes like in Hollywood movies who could jump, run and fly without seemingly any effort! The quest for excellence and the competitive edge of any sport, pole fitness no exception, leads us to try to beat nature at its own game and boost our energy levels, muscle recovery time and more when we train. Enter workout supplements.

Today I would like to share my personal story with supplements. Like for many of us, my journey into the world of whey began with Muscle Milk…

Source: Fré Sonneveld — Sa Pa, Vietnam

Are you are running a WordPress blog, but secretly checking out that former parallax blur effect that @Medium used to have?

I got your back! Because I recently implemented it for Wordpress and would love to share with you. Let’s assume that we have our custom theme class MyTheme.

In functions.php:

class MyThemeBaseFunctions { 
public function __construct() {
add_image_size('blurred', 1600, 1280, true);

We added a custom image size blurred, and a callback wp_blur_attachment_filter to wp_generate_attachment_metadata.

Here’s where the magic happens!

But first let’s talk a bit about ImageMagick, a powerful library for image processing. We will…

by Marina R

This past Saturday was the first time I gave out my business card, as well as sent out an email as a “Director”. That felt amazing. Small, but significant steps towards “living the dream”, as they say. Over the course of three days I directed a commercial and learned hella a lot from it and some more. Read the final installment NOW.

May The Odds Be in Your Favor

This is it. The dream moment you’ve been readying yourself for so long is now a dire reality. Except there’s no time to take it all in. Upon arrival on set you must introduce yourself…

by Marina R

This past Saturday was the first time I gave out my business card, as well as sent out an email as a “Director”. That felt amazing. Small, but significant steps towards “living the dream”, as they say. Over the course of three days I directed a commercial and learned hella a lot from it. Here’s the second installment of my story.

A few good men.

Your team is crucial, and no matter the size and budget of the project, must include at least these key people.

Director of Photography. Find yourself a DP that will elevate you! His or her ability…

Marina Del Rey

Coder by day, fitness guru by night, writer at brunch

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